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Why choose Lovateam

Focus-- Research and design

Innovation is the foundation of this business. Tim bags Carrefour has a professional R & D center in Foshan, fast and efficient completion of customized design proofing services. Also LOVATEAM brand developed by the core team. Has brought together a group of senior designers, engineers and sewn grid paper craft technician.

Specialty-- Production of goods

Faster and cheaper and better products for our commitment to customer service purpose, we have improved the production system, in-depth implementation of 5S production management norms, through ISO9001-2000 certification. Updated equipment to train workers to continuously increase productivity, improve product quality processes, reduce product cost.

Supporting-- Production System

LOVATEAM factory pipelined design, with four professional production lines, two computer DY car lines. Production management system include: Material Inspection Group, a material group, nailing group, after the whole group, QC group seized goods, packaging group, logistics department. To complete the whole process of the finished product to reach the logistics department of the order.

Perfect-- Production equipment

Production plant currently has a computer DY 50 cars, DY car 70, five car computer, special computer cars 5, 20 trucks, a car date, nailing machines, shovel skin machine, stamping machine, high pressure presses, automatic balers and other full bag production equipment, increase productivity efficiency. Annual output of 20-30 ten thousand bags of sophisticated technology products.

Quality-- Process monitoring

In strict accordance with the standards of quality management system requirements, the establishment of posts, will post the specific requirements of positioning, warehousing has begun to examine the material supply, on the line after each process has billboards standard, strictly enforced, round after round of inspection processes have on the production line early, middle and end of the three phases produced strict check-ups. Quality standards to ensure product conformity.

Brand-- 12 years cast

12 years focused custom bags, covering a variety of industries, services more than 1,300 enterprises, to become the world's top 500 corporate partners, professional travel boxes products one-stop service provider. Testimonials 12 years of development history, LOVATEAM Trolley custom always in a "customer for the customer," the purpose of creating value for customers.